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Player Profile Request 2019-2020


Welcome to the Player Profile Request
Grad Years 2020, 2021, 2022

This registration is open to So Cal A's Players who have not yet committed to a college.
It will allow you to provide your contact information, player data, and sign up for a profile. 

In addition to your basic Player Data, a current
Photo (head shot/shoulders up) will need to be uploaded.
Also, be ready to provide (if applicable) SAT/ACT scores, GPA, and any Skills Video Links. 

*Only fill in information that you feel comfortable posting on your page.

Once your profile has been completed you will be added to

A confirmation receipt will be sent to you upon completion.


Login in using your account information.  
To Parents who log in with their own (parent) account but are submitting a request on behalf of the player
when Registering, select your child's (player) profile name.
If you have not yet set up your child's (player) profile, select "A NEW PERSON"
Your child's (player) new profile will be added under your account.


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So Cal A's Webmaster